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Today, May 25th 2018 the ICO will begin enforcing GDPR. After a two year transition programme organisations who collect, manage, process or access EU citizen’s Personal Data should now be ready to respond to the new regulation.

At TechSpec, we have fully embraced the opportunities afforded by the regulation namely to deliver greater transparency and control to data subjects regarding the usage, management and processing of their data. We are all data subjects and that has to be a good thing whether from a personal perspective or a professional one.

We have looked at all the data flows and access points within our business and how we manage them, whether regarding our own data as well as that of our clients. We have revised policies, addressed new approaches, amended practises and brought in new processes to ensure that we are compliant with the expectations.

The team have received training and have been made aware of the changes. They are fully aware of how the new regulations affects them, their day to day routines and their interactions with all of our clients.

Our Privacy is available on our website which we hope will reassure you that your business is in safe hands at TechSpec. For any further enquiries about how we respectfully and carefully manage access to your data or in response to exercising your individual rights, please contact our DPO at hello@techspecsecurity.co.uk

Remember to Register your domestic CCTV system with the ICO – make sure the system follows ICO guidelines and deliver clear information for the data subject at the point of their consent.

For more information on what you need to know before you install CCTV on your property please visit: https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/cctv-on-your-property/

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